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Advertising Works CT offers services as Media Buyer, Creative Consultant and Motivational Speaker with spectacular results.

Personalized Marketing Consultant:

Most small businesses cannot afford a full-time marketing department to assist in promotions, sales, advertising or public relations. AdWorksCT will help you address these needs on a low cost project basis.

Evaluate Existing Marketing Plan:

Because you’re working hard running your business every day, it becomes difficult to “step away” and evaluate where your business is going and how to make any necessary adjustments. AdWorksCT will help you focus your marketing strategy and put the plan into action.

Develop Long Range Marketing Goals:

AdWorksCT will show you the benefits of long-term planning and the positive effect that marketing can have on revenues year round. AdWorksCT will help you limit the “feast or famine” levels of business.

Media Buying:

How does anyone really know what an effective media to buy is? My expertise in this area will lead you past all the rhetoric into a radio or television buy that’s right for your business. I will also tell you whether a media buy is the right strategy for your company.

Develop Television, Radio and Newspaper Ads and Campaigns:

If we determine that your marketing plan needs television commercials, radio spots or print ads, the professionals at AdWorksCT, along with my alliance partners, will create the right look, the right sounds and the right message to get your product or service noticed.

Create Logos, Brochures, Flyers and Business Cards:

These important collateral materials should be a reflection of your business, your message and most of all, a reflection of you. AdWorksCT will help you define that image.

Website Development:

When the Internet first took off, most companies rushed to “just get something up on the ‘net.” It’s time to take a look at your website and see if it still reflects your company’s goals and objectives.

Generate Successful Promotions:

AdWorksCT will develop promotions that make sense for your business. I will advise you about “canned” promotions that sales people sell to you without your best interest in mind. We will track any promotions so you can see the new business it brings in.

Motivational Lectures:

In today’s ever changing employment environment, it is critical to keep the employees you have in order to limit downtime in productivity, minimize training expenses and reduce search fees and to foster loyalty for your company and products. AdWorksCT motivational lectures are company-specific, utilizing real business applications to keep your team pumped up, working together, reaching targeted personal goals and increasing your company’s profits.



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