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Effective Advertising Gives Your Business Top of Mind Awareness with Your Customers and Eliminates the Feast or Famine Cycles


Marketing Expert, Kip GienauMost small businesses don't have a marketing department to assist in promoting sales, advertising and public relations. And because you are running the day to day operations of your business, you don't have time to step away and evaluate the best advertising strategies.

You try a promotion here and there and often fall prey to the smooth-talking salesperson hawking the latest, greatest marketing strategy. But results, if there even are any, don't get tracked and you never know for sure if you've had a "successful" campaign.

So you end up doing the same thing that everyone else is doing and ultimately become just another listing in the Yellow Pages.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

  • Your small business can take its place on the same playing field with the giants. Provided with the right weapons, you can do more than survive; you can conquer.
  • Your logo, brochures and business cards can be transformed into an accurate reflection of your business; one that attracts the attention it deserves.
  • Your marketing can be structured to limit the "feast or famine" cycles most businesses struggle with.
  • Your website can be redesigned to promote your company's goals and objectives as they relate to your ideal customer.
  • Your media campaigns can be created with the right look and the right message to get your product or service noticed by those with the ability to buy.
  • Your promotions can be structured so they make sense for your business. With the right strategy, you'll be spared the expense of ineffective, "canned" promotions.

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Stay on track to reach your business goals

Advertising Works takes you step-by-step through the advertising process. By helping you design an effective strategy, you'll have advertising campaigns that make sense: advertising that targets the right customers for your business and puts you head and shoulders above other businesses selling "like" services.

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